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I spent my youth
on the road.

"Skimarri" my parents called me. "Marri" with a fast R, this is how we back home tend to shorten Mariella. I grew up in a small village in an area called Odenwald, southern part of the German state Hessen, surounded by forest.

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Being fast

My parents love the Alps, so we spent our holidays in the mountains, summer and winter. My dad made it happen that my polish mum started skiing when she was already mid thirties. I started skiing when I was 3 years old. Some years later I was ski racing. My parents spent time, money and nerves on making that dream happen. Driving six hours in one direction, every second weekend. Skiing became my life and still is.

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Besides skiing my parents made it possible for me to dance ballett, learn the piano, play tennis, go hiking, participate in running competitions,... just to name a view.
Thank you both for that effort, which it was!

Ella Eis, Mariella mit Papa Ralf_edited.
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I spent my youth on the road. Often in a nine-seated bus with other boys and girls from our race team. I was living a completely different life than the other kids from school and I knew it. We were watching a lot of ski movies when we were not skiing. Those movies were representing our ideas more than our regular school lifes. So I also started filming our journeys.
My love for sports combined with pictures started there.

We spent our nights in cheapest rooms rented out by old ladies who couldn't remember which key was the one to our accommodation and where there was one shower with little water for 20 kids. Years later we stayed in hotels, but we still got up early on those weekends and holidays and went running before breakfast.

Also now as a producer and sports model it feels normal for me to spend a lot of time in cars and hotels.

After I finished school I knew one thing: I wanted to move to the mountains. I moved to Innsbruck and it became my additional home.
10 years of ski racing led to three ski instructor qualifications, while I was studying management in Innsbruck. Studying took me a while.

Skiing and taking pictures were much more interesting and of course all the other sports I was starting then. Climbing, hiking and trail running became additional new passion sports. It is what people do in Innsbruck.


Ich bin immer auf der Suche nach neuen, spannenden Möglichkeiten.

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